Our ecological and botanical expertise extends to in-depth research to inform biodiversity management and environmental policy. We carry out rigorous studies backed up by cutting-edge data analysis techniques to address baseline and applied ecological issues. Blackthorn Ecology also provides teaching and training on a diverse array of ecological and botanical subjects. Our experience ranges from simple toolbox talks to practical workshops to formal lecture courses. We tailor all our teaching and training to the knowledge levels and interest of the audience. See our Projects for examples of the breadth and quality of work we do.


Blackthorn Ecology’s Director, Dr George F Smith, has a strong background in applied ecological research. His research experience includes biodiversity conservation in plantation forestry and extensive agriculture, ecological restoration, and vegetation science. This research has informed national policy on conservation management and provided practical measures for assessing and managing biodiversity in the context of multiple land uses. Blackthorn Ecology’s strong field research skills are supplemented by our expertise in ecological data analysis. Data analysis techniques we employ include multivariate analysis methods (ordination and clustering), spatial analysis using GIS, and conventional statistical techniques. See our Publications section for examples of our research work.

Teaching and Training

Blackthorn Ecology carries out a wide range of teaching and training activities. These range from formal lectures for university courses to informal workshops and field days with the general public. We pitch all our training events to the audience and the take-home messages to be learned. We provide training workshops and information sessions to Local Authorities on Appropriate Assessment, habitat survey and management, and other ecological subjects. Blackthorn Ecology conducts public outreach events, promoting understanding and appreciation of biodiversity conservation to the general public.