Biodiversity Conservation

Blackthorn Ecology specialises in practical biodiversity conservation . Whether it’s a sensitive, protected ecosystem, a local community amenity, or both, Blackthorn Ecology can provide the habitat management and ecological restoration skills required to conserve and enhance the biodiversity of the site. See our Projects for examples of the breadth and quality of work we do.

Habitat Management

We are leaders in the field of habitat management for natural habitats and recreation areas. Practical, goal-oriented habitat management plans are often needed to conserve and enhance the biodiversity of natural areas, such as woodlands, wetlands and grasslands. Local amenity areas, like parks, riverside walks and woodland trail networks, are key pieces of Green Infrastructure. Their benefits for people and wildlife can be enhanced through sensitive biodiversity conservation activities. Simple things like changing the timing of grass mowing and leaving uncut verges can greatly improve the value of grasslands and wildflower meadows for butterflies and bees. We tailor our habitat management plans to meet the needs of clients and stakeholders, and we believe in engaging the local community in biodiversity conservation as much as possible.

Blackthorn Ecology also prepares and implements habitat management plans in the context of new developments and ongoing land-uses like agriculture and forestry. We have significant experience in balancing the diverse requirements of multi-functional land use. Where habitat management and monitoring is a planning requirement, we can provide a high level of expertise in constructing plans that meet all obligations efficiently. We advise on ecological management of agricultural and forest habitats that balances biodiversity conservation with productivity. We are participating ecologists under the Forest Service Native Woodland Scheme.

Ecological Restoration

Ecological restoration of habitats and ecosystems is often needed where function or biodiversity have been damaged. For example, where a wetland has been drained, its flood water storage capacity, ability to purify water, and wildlife diversity have all been reduced. Ecological restoration can repair an ecosystem’s ability to provide vital ecosystem services and/or provide habitat for wildlife of conservation value. Blackthorn Ecology approaches ecological restoration by setting measurable targets to be achieved by specific interventions aided by natural processes. We plan, design, implement and monitor ecological restoration for a wide range of terrestrial and freshwater habitats.

Habitat Creation

Where valuable habitats have been completely destroyed, or where replacement habitats are needed in compensation for losses due to development or to provide a home for translocated species, Blackthorn Ecology can provide all the skills required. We have particular expertise in creating new wetland habitats and in establishing new native woodlands under the Forest Service Native Woodland Scheme. Blackthorn Ecology has the required understanding of the complexities of habitat design and the practicalities of implementing habitat creation projects.