Ecological Impact Assessment & Monitoring

Blackthorn Ecology provides a full range of Ecological Impact Assessment services, mitigation and monitoring. These include preparing Natura Impact Statements for Appropriate Assessment of potential impacts to Natura 2000 sites (SACs and SPAs). Our aim is to ensure that all developments big and small are environmentally sustainable. We are dedicated to providing thorough impact assessments and robust mitigation, which will ensure speedy passage through the planning process and full compliance with statutory requirements.

Biodiversity Conservation, Restoration & Management

Practical biodiversity conservation is a specialty of Blackthorn Ecology. We prepare and implement ecological management plans for woodlands, wetlands, grasslands and coastal habitats. Whether it’s a sensitive, protected ecosystem or a local community amenity, Blackthorn Ecology can help conserve, restore or enhance the biodiversity of the site. If you want to create a new habitat, we can provide the knowledge and experience needed to turn it into a local wildlife refuge.

Ecological Survey

Blackthorn Ecology conducts ecological surveys at all spatial scales. Habitat survey and GIS-based mapping for land-use planning and for individual developments are a core area of our business. Our principal ecologist, Dr George F Smith, is a is a national expert in habitat survey and the lead author of the Heritage Council’s Best Practice Guidance for Habitat Survey and Mapping. We also specialise in detailed botanical surveys of flowering plants, aquatic plants and bryophytes (mosses and liverworts).  Blackthorn Ecology carries out surveys for protected mammals and freshwater ecology and can provide a comprehensive ecological survey service by collaborating with our network of associates where needed to supplement our in-house expertise.

Policy, Research & Training

Our ecological and botanical expertise extends to in-depth research to inform biodiversity management and environmental policy. We carry out rigorous studies backed up by cutting-edge data analysis techniques to address baseline and applied ecological issues. Blackthorn Ecology also provides teaching and training on a diverse array of ecological and botanical subjects. Our experience ranges from simple toolbox talks to practical workshops to formal lecture courses. We tailor all our teaching and training to the knowledge levels and interest of the audience.